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Tyler Neely

Congratulations to Dr Tyler Neely who has received an ARC Future Fellowship

Congratualtions to Dr Tyler Neely who is one of eight Australian Research Council Future Fellowships awarded at UQ. You can read more at UQ News.

Giant vortex clusters in a two-dimensional quantum fluid

Our research on Onsager vortex clusters has just been published in Science​. Using our optical control of the BEC, we have injected high energy vortex clusters and have shown they are stable against decay.

Guillaume Gauthier

Mr Guillaume Gauthier is now Dr Guillaume Gauthier

Congratulations to Guillaume who has had his PhD thesis accepted and conferred! You can access his thesis here.

Congratulations to Kwan Goddard Lee on completing Honours

Congratulations to Kwan Goddard Lee who completed his honours project with the group! Kwan studied the point vortices and vortex dipole optics in a BEC -- you can read more here.

Phase Imprinting in a Scanning Ring Trap

Our results on phase imprinting in a scanning ring trap have been published in Physical Review A. We find that unidirectional scanning leads to a non-trivial phase profile of the condensate that can be approximated analytically using the concept of phase imprinting. This could be used to imprint persistent currents into a ring, or for schemes to provide synthetic rotation for interferometer characterisation. By adapting a bidirectional scan, the phase imprint can be periodically cancelled. 

Vortex cluster histogram.

Onsager's negative temperature vortex clusters

Our recent work on the first observations of Onsager's negative temperature vortices has appeared on the arXiv. These high-energy states of vortex matter were first predicted by Lars Onsager some 70 years ago in 1949.


The ART of BEC

Though the DMD is a binary device, the techniques of error-diffusion (halftoning) can be used to produce trapping potentials with intermediate levels. With the help of Dr. Jinyang Liang at Caltech, we have recently refined our techniques for producing grayscale condensates. 

Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop elected to Australian Academy of Science

School of Mathematics and Physics academic and former Head of School Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop is among 21 new Australian Academy of Science Fellows announced in Canberra on May 23. Professor Rubinsztein-Dunlop is the 35th UQ academic elected to the Academy. Election to the academy is reserved for researchers whose achievements are of international significance and who demonstrate a commitment to disseminating scientific knowledge to the broader community.

You can read more here.

Time-averaged RIng

Our paper: "Bose-Einstein condensation in large time-averaged optical ring potentials" to appear in NJP!

Our recent paper on Bose-Einstein condensation in large time-averaged optical ring potentials has been accepted to NJP. It is appearing in a special issue on atomtronic technologies. You can read more here.