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Floquet Realization and Signatures of One-Dimensional Anyons in an Optical Lattice

Christoph Sträter, Shashi C. L. Srivastava and André Eckardt

We propose a simple scheme for mimicking the physics of one-dimensional anyons in an optical-lattice experiment. It relies on a bosonic representation of the anyonic Hubbard model to be realized via lattice- shaking-induced resonant tunneling against potential offsets, which are created by a combination of a lattice tilt and strong on-site interactions. No lasers additional to those used for the creation of the optical lattice are required. We also discuss experimental signatures of the continuous interpolation between bosons and fermions when the statistical angle θ is varied from 0 to π. Whereas the real-space density of the bosonic atoms corresponds directly to that of the simulated anyonic model, this is not the case for the momentum distribution. Therefore, we propose to use Friedel oscillations in the density as a probe for continuous fermionization of the bosonic atoms.

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