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Note: High turn density magnetic coils with improved low pressure water cooling for use in atom optics

Nicholas McKay Parry, Mark Baker, Tyler Neely, Thomas Carey, Thomas Bell and Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

We describe a magnetic coil design utilizing concentrically wound electro-magnetic insulating (EMI) foil (25.4 μm Kapton backing and 127 μm thick layers). The magnetic coils are easily configurable for differentcoil sizes, while providing large surfaces for low-pressure (0.12 bar) water cooling. The coils have turn densities of ∼5 mm−1 and achieve a maximum of 377 G at 2.1 kW driving power, measured at a distance 37.9 mm from the axial center of the coil. The coils achieve a steady-state temperature increase of 36.7°C/kW.