Mr. Thomas Bell

PhD Student

Tom is a postgraduate student at the University of Queensland currently undertaking a PhD with research fellow Mark Baker.  His research aim is to experimentally engineer and characterise the non-equilibrium flows of dilute gas Bose Einstein condensates between reservoirs.  Tom hopes to present experimental development of systems necessary for the rapid production, fidelity control and isolation of dilute gas superfluids.


Interferometric measurements with matter waves are established techniques for sensitive gravimetry, rotation sensing, and measurement of surface interactions, but compact interferometers will require techniques based on trapped geometries.


McKay Parry Nicholas et al, 2014
Review of Scientific Instruments, 85, 8, pp. 86103

We describe a magnetic coil design utilizing concentrically wound electro-magnetic insulating (EMI) foil (25.4 μm Kapton backing and 127 μm thick layers). The magnetic coils are easily configurable for differentcoil sizes, while providing large surfaces for low-pressure (0.12 bar) water cooling.