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Welcome to the UQ Bose-Einstein Condensation laboratory

Located in warm and subtropical Brisbane, we explore some of the coldest matter in the Universe, Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC). We explore applications of ultracold degenerate atomic systems. These include problems of fundamental physics interest, utilising ultracold atoms to produce emulations of other quantum systems and classical/quantum phase transitions. We have recently completed construction of two new apparatus that provide complimentary capabilities:

  • Digital-micromirror patterned BECs: This machine is built around a small glass vacuum cell which allows high-resolution patterning of confining potentials and imaging of resulting atom configurations. Currently, we are pursuing experiments with 87Rb, but the system is built to incorporate a second species, 41K.

  • Time averaged painted-potentials apparatus: This BEC apparatus utilises a rapidly scanning optical potential beam to "paint" potentials that trap atoms. With this, we can make a variety of trapping geometries for ultra-cold atoms. We are exploring the superfluid properties of BEC in ring traps, as well as their applications for interferometry. The apparatus has been recently adapted to enable the production of spinor BECs.

We are looking for honours, PhD and undergraduate students! Please browse our available projects and contact us.