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Our paper "Turbulent Relaxation to Equilibrium in a Two-Dimensional Quantum Vortex Gas" has been published in PRX!

In this work, we explored the relaxation of initially non-equilibrium configurations of vortices. Impressively, the vortex configurations in equilibrium were found to closely match the predictions of the point vortex model. You can access the full text here.

Roadmap on Atomtronics now published in AVS Quantum Science

Roadmap on Atomtronics: State of the art and perspective, has now been published online in AVS Quantum Sci. 3, 039201 (2021). This is a review of the latest progress in atomtronics-enabled quantum technologies, such as matter-wave circuits and atom chips.


Review of configured optical trapping techniques for cold atoms on the arXiv!

Our review of configured optical trapping techniques for cold atoms has been posted on the arXiv. We have aimed for a detailed technical review that highlights some of the subtleties in implementing acousto-optic deflector, DMD and SLM traps, as a complete guide to the experimentalist. The chapter will appear in Advances in Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics later this year.


Our paper on off-axis vortex equilibria is on the arXiv!

In this preprint, we study the high-energy phases of vortex matter in a superfluid quasi-2D Bose-Einstein condensate. These phases have eluded experimental detection before due to the requirements of very low dissipation and loss in experiments. You can read more here.

Australian Quantum Vortex team a finalist for 2020 Eureka Prize

Our group has been selected as a finalist for the 2020 Eureka Prize for Scientific Research as part of the Australian Quantum Vortex Team! The nomination stems from the recent work in our group on vortex clusters, along with that of the group of Kristian Helmerson at Monash University and Warwick Bowen's group at UQ. All together, this large collaboration resulted in three publications in Science in 2019. You can read about all the nominees here.

vortex fluid

New publication on vortex fluids in Physical Review Research!

We have a new publication on vortex fluids in the open access Physical Review Research! Oliver Stockdale and the theory team have shown that an expanding vortex cluster in a 2D superfluid forms a Rankine vortex, suported by experimental measurements. This process is forbidden in classical fluids due to viscosity.
Download the paper

Thomas A Bell

Mr Tom Bell is now Dr Tom Bell

Congratulations to Tom who has had his PhD thesis accepted and conferred! You can access his thesis here.

Guillaume Gauthier

Dr Guillaume Gauthier awarded Springer Thesis Prize

Congratulations to Dr Guillaume Gauthier for winning the prestigious Springer Thesis Prize for his thesis submitted last year. You can access his thesis here. Keep an eye out for the upcoming book publication from Springer!


Congratulations to Callam Manning on completing Honours

Congratulations to Callam Manning who completed his honours project with the group and received 1st-class Honours! Callam studied the superfluid fountain effect in a dumbbell potential -- you can read more here.


Quantitative Acoustic Models for Atomtronics

Our work realising quantitative acoustic modelling of an atomtronic LC oscillator has been published in PRL! Full article available at PRL or on the arXiv.