BEC Journal Club Articles

This page serves as a repository for journal articles discussed during the weekly BEC Journal Club.

We show that a sonic analogue of rotating BTZ type of black hole can be realised in a quasi-two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled BEC without any external rotation.

Pelegrì G., Mompart J. and A quantum device for measuring two-body interactions, scalar ma V., 2018

A quantum device for measuring two-body interactions, scalar magnetic fields and rotations is proposed using a Bose--Einstein condensate (BEC) in a ring trap.

Henson B. M. et al, 2018

The control and manipulation of quantum systems without excitation is challenging, due to the complexities in fully modeling such systems accurately and the difficulties in controlling these inherently fragile systems experimentally.

Jepps Owen G., Ayton Gary and Evans Denis J., 2000
Physical Review E, 62, 4, pp. 4757-4763
Kalinin Kirill P., Lagoudakis Pavlos G. and Berloff Natalia G., 2018
Physical Review B, 97, 16
Sträter Christoph, Srivastava Shashi C. L. and Eckardt André, 2016
Physical Review Letters, 117, 20

We propose a simple scheme for mimicking the physics of one-dimensional anyons in an optical-lattice experiment.

Zhaoyang Zhang, Feng Li, Guillaume Malpuech, Yiqi Zhang, Olivier Bleu, Sergei Koniakhin, Changbiao Li, Yanpeng Zhang, Min Xiao, Dmitry Solnyshkov
(Submitted on 14 Jun 2018 (v1), last revised 17 Jun 2018 (this version, v2))