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Research programs

Spin mixtures in a ring

Spinor condensates in toroidal traps

Using magnetic traps, BECs are only prepared in particular magnetic internal states for which the Zeeman interaction produces a trapping geometry.  However, using optical traps, which are insenstive to the magnetic internal state, one can trap BECs in any internal state, allowing the spin of the

Class cell and objectives

Digital-micromirror patterned BECs

This new machine is built around a small glass vacuum cell that allows high-resolution patterning of confining potentials and imaging of resulting atom configurations, while producing large atom number condensates (4x106).

Time-averaged potentials

We have developed a new apparatus that produces 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensates of 1× 106 atoms. We then transfer the condensate onto a "light sheet" potential using 1064 nm light, which traps the atoms onto a plane.

Retired experiments

There are several BEC experiments that reached the end of their natural lifetime and have since been replaced by the new apparatus.